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MEGATECH Trading & Consulting is one of the leading suppliers specialized in providing high tech equipment, solutions and services in the field of industrial automation. We provide consulting, engineering, cabling, programming, installation and maintenance services throughout Romania at the highest standards, we holding an ISO 9001 certification granted by TUV Thuringen Germany.

Over time, we have diversified our activity, offering products and services of the highest quality at competitive prices, to our national and international clients, from various industrial branches and beyond.

Adapting always our activity to our customer’s requirements and the economic situation in the market, we were able to satisfy the requirements of many users and to enlarge our customer base from one year to another, they now reaching thousands.

Among the most important references, there are included national and multinational companies and autonomous state owned companies in areas such as bottling, packaging, bakery, food industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical, textile, plastics and rubber, pulp and paper, glass and ceramics, petrochemicals, steel, energy, machine building, transportation, construction materials, electronics and electrical engineering, extractive industry, advertising, medicine etc. of which we could mention: Automobile Dacia, Coca Cola, Metrorex (traffic and energy control in Bucharest Subway Line 1), Sanex, Silcotub, Ambro, Unilever and more.

Further details regarding applications and solutions.....

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If you are interested, we will gladly provide you with an extensive list of references and applications.

Likewise, we are looking to expand our network of local distributors, integrators and resellers, offering very advantageous conditions. If you are interested, please contact us at or by phone.

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  • MEGATECH attaches a great importance to quality standards in its work.
  • Thus, import, distribution, marketing, design, production and service activities are carried out according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, certified by the German quality accreditation company TUV Thuringen, Germany, since 2004.
  • Investments were made in centralized systems to ensure that all products and services are delivered to the highest standards at all times in accordance with European regulations and customer requirements.
  • The quality reputation and integrity of systems is critical for multinational manufacturers when they are looking for a local distributor.


MEGATECH TRADING & CONSULTING SRL has delivered equipment and developed applications for a wide range of nationally and internationally renowned companies. A list of a part of our biggest clients can be viewed here>>

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